Pannonia Cup - dummy trial 
 Novice Trial 3rd place - Megyeri Kati 
 Novice Trial 2nd place - Hartmut Schöppl  
 Novice Trial 1st place - Szendrei Nicolette 
 Open Trial 3rd place - Király Olivér 
 Open Trial 2nd place - Valerio Ziliani 
 Open Trial 1st place - Stefano Martinoli 
 Opening ceremony - Team WT 
 The Newcomers 
 The Waterfriend Gang 
 Mr. B. and the Cool Cats 
 Flying Paws 
 The Bravehearts 
 Trio Infernal 
 The Witches of Eastwick 
 The old Lady and the guys 
 Just for fun 
 Who let the dogs out 
 Last minute 
 The Rocky Alpine Pennines 
 Born to be wild 
 Alan - George's hair on it :-)) 
 Novice Class 1st place - Manuel Waldner 
 Intermediate Class 1st place - Szendrei Nicolette 
 Open Class 1st place - Kurt Becksteiner 
 The best dressed team is... 
 ... the Bravehearts 
 Last place in the team competition 
 The winner team - Monarchy 

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