Szigetköz Cup 
 Adam, the hero photographer 
 Office in the middle of the forest :-) 
 Judges: Stefania Gandolfi, Cinzia Sgorbati 
 Puppy class, 3rd place: Kutsch Edit 
 Puppy class, 2nd place: Rita Kökény 
 Puppy class, 1st place: dr. Hazafi József 
 Novice class, 3rd place: Eszli Kati 
 Novice class, 2nd place: Kökény Rita 
 Novice class, 1st place: Szendrei Nicolett 
 Helper in the water :-)) 
 Mr. President 
 Hartmut was thinking 
 Cute little girls :-) 
 Waiting area :-)) 
 Stefania was a bit tired :-)) 
 Gábor has a bad throw... 
 Open class, 3rd place: Böszörményi Zsolt 
 Open class, 1st place: Böszörményi Andrea 
 Niki won the Szigetköz Cup :-) 
 Intermediate class 3rd place: Megyeri Orsi, 1st place: Megyeri Kat 
 The first three winners of the open class 
 Andi and Fly 
 The four class winners  
 Very happy winner of the Szigetköz Cup :-)) 

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