Wall of Honour - Field Trial Champions

Field Trials are the highest level competitions for retrievers. There are several dogs in the UK, but only less dogs on the continent which are up to the standard of international open field trials. (Unfortunately the reason behind is also that not all retriever handlers have the chance to go picking up with their dogs, in some countries there are very few possibilities for this.)

The handler’job and the quality of the dog which both must be behind a success on field trials is highly appreciated.

We hope all handlers of our club’s field trial champion dogs will take the chance and introduce their dogs on the WALL OF HONOUR which is dedicated to our club’s FIELD TRIAL CHAMPIONS.

In case you made your dog up to field trial champion and you are member of our club – no matter whether you live in Hungary or abroad – please let us know, so that we can create an intro site for him /her in cooperation with you.


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