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Retrievers were originally bred to be used as gundogs, and were selected for their natural hunting abilities, intelligence, temperament -  so all breeders who are comitted to breeding retrievers today have the responsibility to keep the breed for the purpose for which it was originally bred, and it is RETRIEVING. 

In our opinion the hunting abilities should also be considered if the litter is bred out of show lines.

In our puppy corner we intend to promote retriever litters where both of the parents are actively working (shooting days, field trials or working tests), and – certainly – having the required health certificates.

The announced litters should meet the breeding rules of the country where they are bred.

All those litters are welcome where both of the parents are actively working – even if they are not bred from pure working stock (field trial lines).

We would like to promote RETRIEVER LITTERS OF PURE WORKING LINES in the first row, so we will clearly indicate these in the list..

In order to promote your planned litter in our puppy corner, please email us the below data:

-       affix (kennel name)

-       breeder’s name and contacts

-       sire name and health results, best work results

-       dam name and health results, best work results

-       (planned) date of mating

-       (planned) date of bitrh

-       infos about the number of puppies if already born (number, colour, sex)

-       a photo of the dam and sire, and the puppies as well


Please email us the referring health certificates and all the above data to info@workingretriever.hu

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