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Our site is dedicated to provide information about retriever GUNDOGS.

Similar to several countries within Europe, we would like to promote a better understanding and knowledge of the WORKING RETRIEVERS.

At the end of 2005, we founded the WORKING RETRIEVER CLUB OF HUNGARY (WRC)– with this club one of our greatest dreams came true. Some friends, who became closer due to the common hobby, the goal, and the desire to support the retriever sport in our country, decided to work seriously to achieve their goals, whilst still trying to keep it all fun, and founded a retriever club which is dedicated to working retrievers.¤

Our club is giving us more and more job in the meantime, but we still continue to take pleasure in our time together with the dogs, and enjoy the success, as well as accepting the failures, and we try to keep sight of the most important thing: the interest of the working retriever breeds.

Since 2005 our club is organising international field trials, working tests, dummy trials, training seminars with great success.

We have been cooperating with several retriever clubs within Europe, and we do our best to continue these cooperations in the future.

We are providing news of the forthcoming programs of the different clubs and competitions for retrievers in Hungary, particularly of the events of our club, the Working Retriever Club in Hungary, and we are informing about the programs of international standard in the surrounding countries and Europe.

This site is willing to give a feedback to all those people who are interested in this sport. 

In order to support our goal, which is popularizing the working retrievers in our country, using the idea of the Belgian site of Kris Grietens, www.gundogs.be, which is collecting all the information about working retrievers in Europe, in 2005 we also established a database of working retrievers. This database is becoming more interactive now with the new structure of our site. It will be possible for users to edit the infos, and to upload a photo, and results of their dogs and their contact details.

We also maintain a Puppy Corner, where we are going to announce retriever litters. Should You wish to announce a litter on our site, or are you about buying a puppy for yourselves, please have a look at our Puppy Corner.

Running a dog successfully on field trials could be the goal of most retriever handlers who do shooting and picking up with their dogs and like to compete.

Field Trials are the highest level competitions for retrievers. There are several dogs in the UK, but only less dogs on the continent which are up to the standard of international open field trials. (Unfortunately it is also because not all retriever handlers have the chance to go picking up with their dogs, in some countries there are very few possibilities for this.)

Doing this sport ourselves, we do appreciate the handler’job and the quality of the dog which both must be behind a success on field trials. Therefore, we decided to introduce our club member’s field trial champion dogs, in the WR Online under Field Trial Champions.

We hope all handlers of our club’s field trial champion dogs will take the chance and introduce their dogs on the wall of honour which is dedicated to our FIELD TRIAL CHAMPIONS.

Last but not least, we would also like to introduce you our own dogs, of whom we are incredibly proud.

On our former site they have been introduced within the workingretriever.hu pages, as the site has outgrown its original sizes, we decided to separate the infos about our own dogs, so now these infos have disappeared for a while. We plan to develop a separate website for our kennel, which will be available under www.brookbank-labradors.com soon.

Thank You for visiting our site, hope to meet soon on a retriever event in Hungary!

Andrea and Zsolt Böszörményi

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