WR Online

WR Online is a system which is maintaining the entries to our events, and the database of working retrievers.

If you like to enter an event, or if you would like to present your dog in the working retriever database, register in WR Online.

After registering you will have to validate your registration by clicking on the link in the email you get.

Data marked with * are obligatory.

Only owners can register their own dog's, so the box "owner" will automatically be the one who registers the dog.

If you like (you can choose when registering if you like to see your dog on our website or not) your dog will appear in our WR Database.

Deleting a dog from the database can only be done by our administrators.

You have the possibility to upload photos of your dogs, contact details, health and work results as well if you like.

Health results: these fields are not obligatory, if you like them to appear in the database, please send us the health results scanned (or if easier just scan the breeding permission you got from your breeding club).The results will only be shown in the database after our administrator's approval.

Photos: if you decide to upload a photo, please make sure the file name does not contain any characters like - ' ", otherwise it might happen that the photo does not appear.

If the photo does not appear for some reason, or if you just like to change it sometimes, simply choose an other file and click "save" to change your photo.

Please inform us by email about necessary modifications in records to which you have no access.

Should you have any questions, problems please let us know at info@workingretriever.hu

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